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"Conversation As Art"


Conversation is an art of the arts, we can already experience this in Plato's dialogues. So conversation is one of the archetypes. Even politics can be an art when politics is practiced as an art and not just as a technology of power. And Plato's dialogue model proves the art of mutual complementarity. In this sense, Fra Anđeo Zvizdović and Sultan Mehmed II al-Fatih are artists because both accept the conversation and as a result they create peace. There is no peace today because we have probably forgotten how to talk.


All Quiet On The Western Front, All Quiet On The Eastern Front, All Quiet In Germany


In 1928 the novel "All Quiet On The Western Front" was published, which mercilessly analyzed the Disease War in the First World War. The novel was written by the German poet Erich Maria Remarque who became world famous in one fell swoop. The novel was filmed in 1930 by Lewis Milestone. But the Germans were alienated from the peace and, with their leader coming from Austria, Nazi-Germany also raged the Second World War, which included the German Wehrmacht’s war of extermination in Eastern Europe with the blockade of the city of Leningrad, there the Nazi erected the largest concentration camp by area. 670,000 people were killed by bombing, starvation and coldness.


Herbert Gantschacher about the Art of Politics of Peter Kaiser, Governor of Carinthia in the Republic of Austria


For an unknown client, the retired journalist the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF and former social democratic mayor of the Carinthian district town of Wolfsberg, Dr. Gerhard Seifried wrote a text entitled with "Less university, more beer table" for the Styrian edition of the Kleine Zeitung, Austria's number two among the newsapers, to explain Carinthia's Governor Peter Kaiser why he lost the state elections in Carinthia.


The Big Bluff of the EU presented at the European Women's Football Championship EURO 2022


With great fanfares, EU Commission President Von der Leyen presented the so-called green plan for climate protection, which, on closer inspection, is a big bluff and is now being presented with big advertising at the European Women's Football Championship EURO 2022. Nuclear power is added to green energy, the major nuclear disasters were simply ignored, such as the meltdown in Chernobyl in 1986 with reactors of Soviet design, or before in 1979 in the US nuclear power plant Three Mile Island the accident with US made nuclear reactors and most recently in 2011 in Fukushima, Japan, when core meltdowns occurred again in US made nuclear reactors,


Disease War


"A strange disease has broken out, the soldiers cannot die", is a key sentence in Viktor Ullmann's anti-war opera "The Emperor of Atlantis or The Disobedience of Death". Ullmann's opera is based on his own war experiences during the theatre of war in the valley of the river Isonzo and became a witness of the war with gas, my grandfather had to serve as part of the special forces of the k.u.k. Wehrmacht (Imperial and Royal Defence Forces) to comb through the gassed positions of the by gas murdered Italian soldiers.


The Permanent Damage of the Global Climate through Wars and Sport


In the year 1871 the Russian scientist Demtschenko published his essay "On the Irrigation of the Aralo-Caspian Lowlands to Improve the Climate of the Adjacent Countries" at the publishing house of the Kaiserliche Hofbuchhandlung Schmitzdorff in St. Petersburg. In the centre of these visions was the landscape of Siberia and its mighty rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean.


Do You Have Words?


Auschwitz is and remains one of the most important places of remembrance of the Nazi terror "Do You Have Words?" was the response of Holocaust survivor Edith Gilboa when I told her about the anti-Semitic graffiti on toilet no. 2 in the basement of the memorial centre of the former concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz I.